Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 3 at Guatemala MTC.

Hi All! I hope this finds all of you well.  Here is Marc's latest email received today. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, as well as all missionaries.

Regards, Patricia Vautin'Latham

JUNE is bust'n out all over!!!! It's your favorite missionary!!! I was writing in my journal the other day and realized how fast time is going! So the new group of Latinos came and I have a new nickname. Team Jacob from Twilight... hahaha. I thought that was a funny new one, also I get a few Elders here in there, so my fellow missionaries are not helping keeping me be humble. Everywhere I walk I get asked to do a "front double biceps pose."

I'm also going slightly insane not being able to listen to music. I'm like a karaoke machine, singing all genres of music.

We got the chance to go to the market this week and buy snacks and all that. I bought some tuna which wasn't a fan favorite! Walking back, I thought for sure something was gonna happen with walking with a bunch of kids in suites. But the Lord protects.

The cafeteria staff is on a first name basis with me now since I'm the only elder that gets not just 2 or 3 but 4 hahaha.

I still don't understand beans and eggs as breakfast, that just doesn't seem....American.

I'm gonna try to send some pictures of our recent group photos we took. The MTC took all our cameras in the beginning because I guess they get stolen a lot.

They had me sing in church again this week, this time in Spanish but it went really good. I felt like a young Ricky Martin up there.

My Spanish is coming slowly but surely. I still have my problems, but I'm pretty good at teaching people lessons though my facial expressions and hand gestures, which they love.

I wanted to ask you mom personally to pick up a Book of Mormon and read it. Not trying to say you have to belong to any religion but as I've been reading it more, it's so universal and can help... if you want.

So, I close by saying I love you all so much and hope you all (and those babies) are in the best of spirits. Know that there is a lot of prayers going out to ya'll.

Elder Marc Latham out. mic drop!

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