Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 7, 2nd week in La Paz, Honduras

Dear Mama! que pasa!! 

So 4th of July was nothing over here, just more dead dogs and a lot of walking. 

Did you watch Meet the Mormons?  I really want you to see that.

But, best news of all ...I know that the Lord provides for all our needs and he has.  I GOT A GYM!!!!!! YEEAABUDDY!!!!!!!!!  My companion and I have to wake up at 5, but it's worth it.  I can finally squat again and deadlift, life is grand.

We haven't had water in our pueblo for the last couple of days or so now.  I'm really roughing it, toilet don't flush and I can't wash my hands. Bear Grillzin it.

Is it true that those little babies are walking now!!!! They are so big it's crazy, and hairy.

So Elder Olmedo and myself taught Hermana Carmen this week.  She is a single lady with three kids in this mud house, with chickens and mosquito's run wild through the place.  Talk about animal abuse, these people put the fear of God behind there backhands to dogs and horses.

La Paz is beautiful though mama, especially at night.  The stars and my Luna light up the night and it's amazing.

I'm safe though mama, no need to worry.  We are respected by a lot of people here. (Helaman 5:12, BofM) and I have 6 baptisms in sight!

I love you mama, with all my heart.

Elder Latham 

Thank you for your continued prayer, emails and letters to Marc.  Please keep all missionaries and their families in your daily prayers.


Patricia Vautin'Latham