Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 2 at Guatemala MTC

Marc's personal letter to his mom.  Thank you Trisha for sharing!

YO YO YO it's your favorite missionary from the big ol Guatemala!!!! So mama, I just have to say that I only have an hour to email everyone and I got 26 emails so I kinda just skimmed through the Lord of the Rings trilogy you sent me.  

But yeah, the weather out here is bad bottom. I was pumping some iron in the gym while my district was playing volleyball and then BOOM!!! Rain like crazy and the thunder like a giant... It's pretty awesome. 
My little dorm is like right across from the temple so I can always clearly see the angel Moroni from where I am.
I've been pushing myself hard with the language and getting extra help but it's hard.  I gotta conjugate everything and then, I was giving a talk and tried to say the atonement forgives sin... and I said the atonement forgives fish... (pecado vs pescado).  No bugs have got me though. 
I've been really optimistic this week though and happy.  All the Latinos are little so they give me there food at meals.  I end up eating like 5 meals but everyone says just enjoy it while it lasts.
I know it's been 2 weeks but I feel like everything's changing.  I don't know how the new Mad Max was.  I don't know how many likes I got on my last Instagram post, or who commented.   Is Justin Beiber still in legal trouble?  I DON'T KNOW.
I do know that the Lord, your Lord is protecting you guys.  I can feel it and those babies!!! gee wiz!!!    They gave me a solo to sing at church.  At lunch I sing all the time... Nat King Cole, the Four Seasons, and you know David Lee Roth.  
I wish I had more time to tell more experiences that have happened but I have no more time.  I  love you so much mama.  Give everyone my love and know that I'm right there with you.  Love you more!!!!!

Your son Marc

This is from Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Thank you everyone for your emails that have been sent and prayers. Please keep them coming, appreciate them all.

Elder Marc Latham's address:
Elder Marc Latham
Guatemala MTC
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150
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