Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 4 at Guatemala MTC!

Hey Mama!   
I've looked forward to this all week to tell you all the good stuff, and now I only have 15 minutes! 
My maestro (teacher) Hermano Abadillo asked me personally, "Did I come to this mission to baptize and teach lessons, or raise people from the dead?"  Of course I said baptize, but he made me realize the true power that I have.  With faith and obedience and diligence, I can perform miracles cause the Lord called me.  I've been set apart to bless people.  That's why I decided to work the hardest I can.  I can't waste time or joke around cause this isn't my church this is the Lords work. 
Anyways, the last group of Latinos left today so we get new ones and that's the group we leave with.  Just 2 more weeks and I'll be in Honduras.  My Spanish still stinks but it's weird cause the last group gave me pictures and ties and wanted me to sign stuff cause they said they looked up to me... how?  It made me tear a little cause here I am handed everything, not being able to speak a language, but trying so hard, and they think I'm amazing for that.  
Today I went to the Guatemala Temple and I prayed for everyone so hard.  I miss everyone and those babies; But I'm at ease cause I know He's gonna bless you all with all His mercy and grace.
I finished Genesis this week and half way done with Exodus.  I love the Old Testament.  
Anyways,  I got to go again, but I love you all and please let Nanny know I love her and I am still dancing with her from Guatemala .      
Elder Latham

Thank you for your prayers for Marc.
Patricia Vautin'Latham

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